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dBASE Software
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dbDOS Software
  • dbDOSv™ is the total DOS enablement package for a Windows® OS.
  • The dbDOSv™ product includes a new cutting-edge DOS emulation engine, one of the best print solutions on the market today.
  • It now declutters your Windows® desktop with a single shortcut on the desktop to manage unlimited DOS configurations.
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  • dBASE Classic™ brings the simplicity and power of dBASE V for DOS back to the world of development to run on the latest hardware and software. Build hi-powered data-driven applications that use the xBASE language to its fullest. Now run it on the latest operating system from Microsoft when used with dbDOSv™
  • Order your printed documentation and installation CDs here
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dbfUtilities Software
  • dbfUtilities are a set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with .dbf files.
  • The original makers of the famed dBASE™ product line create these new utilities to make working with .dbf files as easy as possible.
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SQL Utilities Software
  • SQL Utilities are a set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with SQL databases.
  • Many of the tables that store important lookup information need to be located in multiple databases. Transfer the most important tables from one database to another.
  • Targeting MySQL®, PostgreSQL®, SQLite®, or MS SQL® databases, moveSQL™ will copy all of the records of an existing table into a new table in the database of your choice.
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dBASE Training
  • dBASE™ Training offers current training on our flagship product of dBASE® 2019
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Ken Mayer PDF Books
  • Ken Mayer's Books are the definitive dBASE books in the marketplace. He covers everything from dBASE for DOS up to and including dBASE™ PLUS 12;
  • These are the PDFs of the printed books that Ken offers on his website.
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